Why They Have Made Smaller Horse Jumps

It may not have occurred to the average recreational observer perhaps that the magnificent equestrian species comes in all shapes and sizes. And there are far-off cousins in the jungles, the savanna plains and the deserts in the form of camels, giraffes and zebras, to name just a few from the commonly known species of the wilds. Centuries, if not thousands of years ago, it was not uncommon for today’s horses, well, in the form that you recognize, to be roaming free in the prairies.

kids horse jumps

That was before man made his acquaintance with them. And forever since, one of the longest-running relationships between man and beast have endured. There are others, that among the canine species would be one such example, but none more enduring and romantic perhaps than that between a horse and its rider. Horse jumps on training courses will be significantly smaller in order to cater for the smaller sized species otherwise known as ponies, used to train kids to become fine riders.

But being the docile creatures they are you do wonder how challenging it must be for ponies to mount and carry its heavy weight over kids horse jumps even. No, invariably not. And you can forget about getting a donkey to leap over a jump. Let’s just say that this famous creature of – servility? – humility? – is as stubborn as a mule. No way, Hose, as the great Pancho might have protested. No, invariably, the horse trainers will be using young colts for the purposes of training small kids to become fine and disciplined riders.

It is hoped that both colts and kids will also grow up together, entering into that enduring relationship otherwise known as such between a man and his beast.