Toys And Gifts For Bored Little Scotties

If it is not a Bull Terrier, it could be a Scottish Terrier. If it is not a Jack Russell it could very well be a Great Dane. A lot of this make/model stuff to do with canine breeds centers on what kind of a person you are. if you are a man of action, full of vim and vigor, and probably a ton of muscles, then the Great Dane is probably your best pal. But if you are more of a mild-mannered gentleman about town, the regal little but tough little Scottish Terrier would probably make a good companion for you.

scottish terrier gifts

Now, what to get this little mitre of a dog for Thanksgiving this year? Well, scottish terrier gifts of course. Gifts perfectly suited to this intelligent but mischievous dog breed. Look, he’s probably mischievous because he knows you that well and he’s got a great sense of humor. Inasmuch as some folks like to think that they know so much about their dogs, don’t for a moment think that these little ‘un’s don’t know much about their masters. Or is it the other way round? Are they in full control?

Naa, not likely. It is definitely not in their nature. And thank goodness for that too. Dogs in general, are loyal creatures to a fault. They would go to the ends of the earth to rescue you if it came down to that. And if they could. Which of course they can’t most of the time. Especially if they’re so little and small like that. But geez, they sure do make great burglar alarms. They can yap and yap until the whole neighborhood has woken up.

Bulldogs make better burglar snappers, mind you. The burglar won’t know what’s coming.

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