On Taking Dogs And Cats To Vet

new brighton vet

The memory is long enough to remember just a handful of events that happened in the past. And while it is usually quite confusing, it is still a huge relief waking up in the morning knowing that you have just had a very good dream indeed. There may have been people that you chose to forget for one reason or another but at least these were happy recollections. But there are unfortunately those too.

Sad reflections on what happened in days and years gone by. Nothing is more tragic than having to see a little old lady having to part ways with her poor, sickly old Maltese Poodle that was her best and devoted friend all these years. Nothing is more nerve-wracking than watching the look in the kids’ eyes when they see Dad gently wrap old Fido in its warm blanket, put him carefully on the back seat of the car.

And slowly drive the poor mutt all the way to the new brighton vet. But while it has all been quite sad for the folks back home, it is even more hair-raising for the little Lassie dog and Dad still at its side while the vet attends to her. It is the most humane thing to be done. The cancer is that far down the road and there is nothing that can be done to rescue a poor little vulnerable animal like this, in so much pain.

But there’s the comfort. It feels numb and no more pain. It sees the man’s kind eyes as it slowly flutters its lids closed. And then drifts away to eternal sleep. The old folks say never again. But so it happens that the circumstances of life play a pleasant trick on them and here they are again, this time with Fingers the cat.

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