ID Tagging Animals So They Never Get Lost

livestock id tags

The so-called lost and found department has not yet closed its doors. Those institutions that still exist are either having to deal with the floorboards creaking under its feet or losing their consciences in regard to the serious matter of returning lost animals to their homes and its rightful owners. This is the urban, city and suburban environment. It is, of course, a lot more tenuous along the rural outskirts of each and every cityscape across the nation.

Fortunately, farmers take the loss of their livestock extremely seriously. They already know that they cannot be dependent on local or town authorities to aid them. If such rural institutions do exist, they are dozens of miles away at best. And by the time any law enforcement agency van does arrive at the alleged scene of the crime, the alleged castle rustlers are long gone. Across the county and state lines.

And even across the national borders which still to this day remain quite challenging to patrol. No matter how hardcore the policing work is, illegal activities to and from, there and back, continue to run rampant. Concerned citizens in their cities and neighborhoods should take a leaf out of the farmer’s journal. They should follow his lead. He leads by example. They should follow his example. Local and far-flung farmers are marking their property with livestock id tags, almost rendering the old branding exercise by the rough outdoor campfire redundant.

Cattle rustlers and their like are just so professional in the way that they cover their tracks. Speaking of which, those livestock id tags act as virtual tracking devices. By the time a few head of cattle are gone and missing, the farmer already has them on his radar screen. 

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